Tralee Residential Services

Services to Individuals with Disabilities

Our Services


Emphasis will be placed on the achievement of independence and the promotion of a home like environment that enhances quality of life. 

  • Twenty four hour community based service.
  • Monthly summary updates on progress.
  • Family involvement that is encouraged in all aspects of program delivery.
  • Excellent level of health & safety.
  • Positive peer relationships.
  • Life Style Plan to address all areas of development as follows:
                  - Life skills
                  - Quality of life
                  - Cognitive Development
  • Reviewed informally every three months and formally on an annual basis.
  • Recreational and leisure activities promoted to reinforce self esteem, self worth and independence.
  • Encourage and promote community participating utilizing natural supports when appropriate.


Reflects the philosophy of normalization and integration.

Individuals involved with Tralee will receive services that are based on their personal interests and achievement of maximum potential and integration into the community.

Community Placements include:

  • Work experience
  • Employment opportunities
  • Volunteer placements (Independent or supported)
  • Recreation Opportunities
  • Leisure Opportunities
  • Regular contact with the day worker and guardian